Witness blues-rock power with a band who delivers their self written and composed music with intense passion and honesty! With practice comes perfection which allows for every show to be a truly unique experience with some face-melting guitars, foot-stomping grooves, and a crowd that goes wild from start to finish. Interactive rock 'n roll with each band member intuitively reading each other's body language to create a symbiotic tight-knit experience you are sure to remember!

Lead by Basson Laubscher, previous guitarist for famous Afrikaans band Zinkplaat. Laubscher is no newbie when it comes to rock 'n roll. The Violent Free Peace have released 2 albums to date: with their first EP Shakedown and their more recent release titled Testify which will no doubt have you believing in a higher power of good old school boogie! This is one band you don't want to miss.


Dubbed South Africa’s Rory Gallagher, Basson Laubscher is one talented musician. Born and raised in Stellenbosch, Basson fell in love with music! At the tender age of 13he started playing guitar and has never looked back.


During his high school career, he met fellow band member Bertie Coetzee and helped form one of South Africa’s most loved bands, Zinkplaat who performed at all of South Africa's most loved festivals for over 10 years.


After the band split, Basson knew he had to pursue music further and thus The Violent Free Peace was born, with a passion for Blues Rock.

With a diploma in Sound Engineering, Kyle has a fine understanding of sound and has used this to his advantage as a talented drummer. Kyle, who picked up his first set of drumsticks at 16 has shown tremendous talent and is frequently called upon as a session drummer.

Not only a drummer, Kyle is also a drum educator who thoroughly enjoys playing, learning and teaching numerous genres of music. This diverse guy has so much creativity that flows into videography and photography making him a truly valuable member of The Violent Free Peace band!

Multi-instrumentalist, composer and music academic. CJ has been playing guitar and bass since a young age and has had training in classical and jazz streams of music, though he is most drawn to the blues. 

He has performed and recorded with top South African musicians and his natural and intuitive musicality shows in the variety of projects he has been a part of, such as performing in blues, jazz, classical and rock settings, scoring for film and TV, and music production.

CJ's talents have become somewhat of the glue interlocking all the other incredible components together!

Riaan Nieuwenhuis is a composer, guitarist, drummer, keyboardist and pianist.

After travelling many countries, Riaan co-founded the group Delta Blue along with Gerald Clarke, and played all the major stages of South Africa, including tours to Namibia and the U.K.


He has worked with many other groups and individuals of note and appears on numerous compilation Albums. He has recorded 9 band Albums, as well as 4 very successful solo albums, with more to be released.

Riaan's funk and groovy soul on the keys make him a must have for The Violent Free Peace, perfectly complimenting the other instruments to create a truly unique and lively sound!


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